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Prevent the Flu, COVID-19, and Other Viruses from Spreading

According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), respiratory viruses commonly cause illnesses such as flu, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), especially in the fall and winter. However, the flu season is unpredictable and can last until May.

Below are ways our cleaning professionals reduce and prevent these illnesses from spreading and tips you can use in the workplace.

DISINFECTION. Flu viruses are easy to kill if the right products are being used. Our team regularly uses the CDC-recommended products to disinfect these areas. The disinfection can be chlorine bleach, quaternary ammonium-based cleaners, and others that contain hydrogen peroxide. Also, the products are verified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for killing the influenza A virus.

HIGH-TOUCH SURFACES. Objects that are frequently touched include desks, phones, faucets, keyboards, door knobs/handles, and high-prone virus areas such as bathrooms. We recommend daily cleaning of these high-prone virus and illness areas.

EDUCATION. Educate employees about flu prevention, and encourage them to stay home if they are sick. Posting signs in restrooms to wash their hands, and washing hands after touching used tissues.

There are harsh financial consequences with the flu, COVID-19, and other respiratory-related viruses. According to, the illnesses cost businesses approximately $7 billion because of the 111 million work days lost.

Our team of cleaning professionals can help facilities prevent the spread of viruses and other illnesses, and help businesses save money. For questions about the products we use and other ways we can help, please contact—


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