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Special Services Announcement

Building Technicians Added to the Special Services Team

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Special Services team!


Our newly hired Building Technicians will perform building maintenance such as engineering duties. They can be contractually hired full-time by property managers or tenants.


The experienced and professional Building Technicians can perform a wide variety of work, which will differ based on the building's needs.


Below is an example of our basic monthly and daily checklist. These items can be expanded based on your specific needs.


  • Building Technicians have experience in multiple areas of maintenance tasks and repairs.

  • They conduct troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures to identify and resolve basic issues.

  • Performs preventative and predictive maintenance duties.

  • Plans and schedules maintenance activities, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

  • Implements safety protocols and ensures compliance with regulations.


For more information about our Building Technician services, contact Danielle Dooley at


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