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What you need to know about construction cleaning

Once a construction site is complete, it takes more than just cleaning up dirt, materials and other debris. There are three steps to keep in mind regarding construction cleaning.

The three steps of construction cleaning include:

ROUGH CLEANING. After a construction site is complete, a rough cleaning is needed. Cleaning experts at RMJS are prepared to clean up build-up and debris. Typically, rough cleaning includes:

  • Removal of scraps and leftovers

  • Cleaning dust and debris

  • Prepping the floors and carpet

  • Sweeping floors

  • Wiping stains

Construction Cleaning Rocky Mountain Janitorial

INTERIOR CLEANING. Once the rough cleaning is complete, it's time to evaluate your cleaning services. Areas to consider are kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, cabinetry, office spaces, etc. During this step, the cleaning teams will check installations to prevent future problems. Interior cleaning includes:

  • Dusting

  • Marks and smudges on walls and ceiling

  • All flooring cleaned

  • Cleaning of ducts and ventilating equipment

  • Windows and tracks cleaned

  • Last on the plan is to remove all trash bags from the property

EXTERIOR CLEANING. First impressions matter. Removing debris, nails, and other construction materials outside helps with those first impressions. Additional exterior construction cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning of entryways (sweeping and or mopping)

  • Trash removal from the driveway and parking areas

  • Window cleaning

When all three phases of the construction clean-up are complete, consider hiring trained and certified professionals to clean the facility. Check if the service provider provides other services like painting, high-dusting, carpet, hardwood flooring, etc.

Rocky Mountain Janitorial and Maintenance Specialists (RMJS) can do it all! From construction clean-up and everyday cleaning to special services (e.g., painting, emergency restoration, facility maintenance, power washing, etc.).

If you want to learn more about the construction cleaning RMJS provides, contact Heather Treat at heather(@)rockymountainjanitorial(dot)com.


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