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Janitorial work is more than keeping things clean

It comes to no surprise that janitorial work is more than keeping things clean. Janitors help make environments in the work place safe and healthy. When it comes to safety, it comes to no surprise that janitorial work and preventative maintenance go hand-in-hand.

Rocky Mountain Janitorial and Maintenance

Janitorial and maintenance services are like bread and butter. The combined services comes with benefits. To name a few, it can help you save money, create a healthier environment and increase customer satisfaction. Read more about other benefits below.

At Rocky Mountain Janitorial and Maintenance Specialists, our team is licensed and insured professionals. Beside having a qualified team of experts, the following are some benefits to consider when adding preventative maintenance to your plan:

  • It's Healthy and safe. Keeping up with HVAC equipment helps keep the air clean and fresh, which is good for your employees, customers and tenants. Preventative maintenance also helps to identify any hazards, e.g. malfunctioning light switches that would leave areas dark or water leaks that cause a slip and fall hazard.

  • Saves Money. Making sure everything is in good working condition is a great way to avoid unexpected expenses.

  • Customer Satisfaction. Delivering quality service is crucial when it comes to customer satisfaction. RMJS helps you to not worry about the little things. Preventative maintenance takes care of those little things.

  • It's good for your facility. Preventative maintenance helps with keeping equipment in good working order. Unexpected electrical and/HVAC issues can be prevented with a solid maintenance plan.

There are many more benefits by combining your janitorial services along with a preventative maintenance. Consider adding the service to your plans–everyone will be safer and healthier because of it.

To discuss a preventative maintenance plan, please contact RMJS Co-founder, Heather Treat (heatheratrockymountainjanitorialdotcom). We look forward to hearing from you!


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