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Importance of Using PPE in the Workplace

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to any workplace. You and your employees are exposed to various hazards that can cause serious workplace injuries and potentially cause illnesses. PPE is worn to minimize risks and protect you and your employees from health-safety concerns.

To ensure your business meets the highest safety practices, let's look at the different types of PPE and which personal protective equipment is best for your needs.

An extensive range of types of PPE is used depending on the type of work being performed. For instance, common types of PPE for construction sites include:

Rocky Mountain Janitorial Construction Cleaning
  • Hard hats

  • Safety goggles/glasses

  • Earplugs

  • Protective footwear

  • Hazmat suits

  • Respirators

Ultimately, employers are responsible for ensuring proper equipment is available and is used in and outside the workplace.

Rocky Mountain Janitorial Specialists (RMJS) provide employees with the necessary equipment but also have established a proactive safety program which is documented in the form of a written manual. Additionally, all employees must attend orientation meetings for information and obtain specific training before t starting work with hazardous substances and power-operated equipment.

Depending on your type of work, PPE is designed to protect five essential elements:

  1. Body (e.g., hazmat suits when working in hazardous conditions (asbestos) and appropriate clothing to keep you warm during the cold months)

  2. Eyes (e.g., glasses/goggles for any corrosive materials and liquid)

  3. Head and Feet (e.g., hard hat for falling particles, work boots/shoes for any ground hazards)

  4. Lungs (e.g., respirators are used to prevent breathing contaminated air)

  5. Skin (e.g., body suits and protective footwear from harmful chemicals and gloves when there's a risk of burns or corrosion.)

Protecting you and your employees from harmful bacteria, viruses and hazardous materials is your responsibility. If you PPE products, RMJS has equipment readily available and very affordable. Visit our PPE products page to download the catalog. We have also made it easy to place an order online.


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