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Keep your facility healthier with electrostatic technology

It’s possible for people to become infected with any virus, including COVID-19 if they come into contact with high-surface areas and then touch their nose, eyes and mouth. Using cleaning products containing soap and detergent reduces germs on surfaces. However, it’s best to use disinfecting equipment that is safety-tested and EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) approved such as the Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer and Victory Electrostatic. These products are most effective against viruses and bacteria.

Rocky Mountain Janitorial
Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer

The benefit of using electrostatic sprayer as a disinfectant is to adhere easier and stick to environmental surfaces. By using these types of veridical and bactericidal equipment, it also provides all areas with a kill rate of 99,999% against harmful microorganisms.

The Centers for Disease Control™ and Prevention (CDC) recommends cleaning high-touch surfaces at least once a day or as often as necessary. Examples of high-touch surfaces include pens, counters, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, desks, keyboards, phones, toilets, faucets and sinks.

Electrostatic sprayers are engineered to treat high-touch areas more quickly and efficiently with the convenience of touch-less coverage. This technology enables superior coverage in hard-to-reach area—including large areas, side, underside and backside of surfaces and high-touch surfaces.

If a sick person or someone tested positive for COVID-19 within 24 hours at your facility, please contact us at Our team of professionals have been trained to use EPA approved equipment and are ready to properly disinfect your facility.


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