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Why Fostering a Dog a Good Idea

The number of dogs being euthanized each year is astounding. According to ASPCA, over 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year in the United States. By fostering a dog, you're not only helping to decrease the number of killings, but also opens more space at rescue shelters like L.O.L.A.'s Pet Rescue.

Fostering a dog can be such a rewarding and memorable experience. Rescue dogs may have behavioral and socialization issues. In a fostering environment, it can give them a chance to be adopted. In many cases, foster parents will end up adopting the dog—we love this!

Because of the high-volume of dogs being euthanized in recent months, L.O.L.A.'s would like to free up space to receive more rescue dogs. There are two ways to help, 1) become a foster parent, and 2) adoption is also an option.

L.O.L.A.'s makes the fostering process easy, and it's affordable. Once they receive your application, they will complete a quick home visit while getting to know your family. They want to make sure the placement of the animal is a great fit for everyone. Additionally, L.O.L.A.'s provides fostering parents the following:

  • Food

  • Animal supplies (crates, leashes, collars)

  • Vet care/medication

  • Toys and training tools

If you're interested in fostering an animal, please visit:

L.O.L.A.'s is a non-profit organization we support, and we invite you to do the same (big smile face).


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